94% Game Squirrel Picture Answers

By | November 13, 2015

Cheats for 94% Game Squirrel Picture Answers. In this picture you can see squirrel getting ready to eat a nut where this energy source will not be too much in the middle of winter to this adorable rodent must not have hot feet in the snow, what do you think when you see this photo ? describe each words and if you’re stuck find all 94 percent solutions below.
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94% squirrel photo
32% – Squirrel
28% – Nuts
23% – Snow
6% – Winter
5% – Roux

Other themes present in this level of the game 94% :
94% Parents
94% There are many in the US

Find 94% of given answers with 1 image and 2 questions per level, back to the trivia game 94% answers to find other levels of the game.

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