Big Emoji Quiz Level 141 – 150 Answers

By | August 16, 2014

Big Emoji Quiz Level 141 – 150 Answers You will be presented with a picture of 1 or more emojis. Can you guess what the emoji are trying to describe mean ? look at the category of movie, song, show, celebrity, or thing represented by a group of emoji images !
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Big Emoji Quiz level 141 : emoji battery, cigarette – electronic cigarette
Big Emoji Quiz level 142 : emoji flame, rain on umbrella – set fire to the rain
Big Emoji Quiz level 143 : emoji tree, video camera, guy running, tree – the blair witch project
Big Emoji Quiz level 144 : emoji rain on umbrella, pencil and paper – weather report
Big Emoji Quiz level 145 : emoji sun, icecream, female underwear, ocean wave, clock, crying smiley – summer sadness
Big Emoji Quiz level 146 : emoji key, pencil and paper – keynote
Big Emoji Quiz level 147 : emoji man, piano – the pianist
Big Emoji Quiz level 148 : emoji man, ring, woman – the proposal
Big Emoji Quiz level 149 : emoji woman symbol, city skyline – sex and the city
Big Emoji Quiz level 150 : emoji sick smiley, mountain – silent hill

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