Big Emoji Quiz Level 161 – 170 Answers

By | August 16, 2014

Big Emoji Quiz Level 161 – 170 Answers You will be presented with a picture of 1 or more emojis. Can you guess what the emoji are trying to describe mean ? look at the category of movie, song, show, celebrity, or thing represented by a group of emoji images !
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Big Emoji Quiz level 161 : emoji earth, guy in turban, crystal ball – a whole new world
Big Emoji Quiz level 162 : emoji boar, guy in turban – beast of the southern
Big Emoji Quiz level 163 : emoji car, wind, wind, plus sign, angry smiley – the fast and the furious
Big Emoji Quiz level 164 : emoji arrow pointing upper right, rainbow – somewhere over the rainbow
Big Emoji Quiz level 165 : emoji car, bus, car, car, truck, truck – rush hour
Big Emoji Quiz level 166 : emoji christmas tree, gift, scared smiley, snowflake – home alone
Big Emoji Quiz level 167 : emoji wind, french flag – air france
Big Emoji Quiz level 168 : emoji turtle, lady dancing – slow dance
Big Emoji Quiz level 169 : emoji baby, arrow pointing right, boy, arrow pointing right, man – growing up
Big Emoji Quiz level 170 : emoji monkey closing eyes, monkey, world, monkey, monkey closing mouth – planet of the apes

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