Emoji Puzzle Level 11 Answers

By | November 20, 2014

Emoji Puzzle Level 11 Answers Cheats and Solutions – solve the emoji puzzle combination for words, or search the correct emoji for the word on board. If you stuck on some of the emoji story answers then look at solutions below for all emoji puzzle cheats
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Emoji Story Level 11 Answers
Emoji Puzzle Level 11 1/5 : FRUIT PUNCH = Emoji Lemon, Cherry, Strawberry, Punch
Emoji Puzzle Level 11 2/5 : HAPPY FEET = Emoji Happy face / Smiley face, Shoe
Emoji Puzzle Level 11 3/5 : GRADUATE = Emoji Black hat
Emoji Puzzle Level 11 4/5 : FRENCH FRIES = Emoji France flag, Fries
Emoji Puzzle Level 11 5/5 : RED HERRING = Emoji Red ball, Fish

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