Emoji Quiz Answers Level 31 – 40

By | January 12, 2019

Emoji Quiz Answers Level 31 – 40 Cheats, Solutions to guess the emoji picture with category of brand, celebrity, movie, food, word, place, expression, game, object and solve what does the emoji images mean using these emoji quiz cheats.

Iphone / Android Puzzle Emoji Quiz By Mangoo Games available

Emoji Quiz Level 31 : AIR FRANCE – Emoji Plane and France flag
Emoji Quiz Level 32 : SUPERMAN – Emoji Alien, Baby, World and Arm
Emoji Quiz Level 33 : HONEYMOON – Emoji Moon Crescent and Honey pot
Emoji Quiz Level 34 : DROLL – Emoji Tongue, Drops of water
Emoji Quiz Level 35 : DRACULA – Emoji Man, Fork Spoon and Injection Blood

Emoji Quiz Level 36 : MR AND MRS SMITH – Emoji Woman Man, Gun and Gun
Emoji Quiz Level 37 : TRIATHLON – Emoji Man Swimming, Bicycle and Boy running
Emoji Quiz Level 38 : STARFISH – Emoji Star and Wave
Emoji Quiz Level 39 : DOMINO’S PIZZA – Emoji Dice, Dice and Pizza
Emoji Quiz Level 40 : TWELVE ANGRY MEN – Emoji 12, Man and Angry face

even though the emoji pics are random, you can find the emoji quiz answers here by searching the explanation of each emoji picture combination description.