Emoji Quiz Answers Level 51 – 60

By | November 11, 2014

Emoji Quiz Answers Level 51 – 60 Cheats, Solutions to guess the emoji picture with category of brand, celebrity, movie, food, word, place, expression, game, object and solve what does the emoji images mean using these emoji quiz cheats.
Iphone / Android Puzzle Emoji Quiz By Mangoo Games available

Emoji Quiz Level 51 : ZEBRA – Emoji Horse, Black Ball and White Ball
Emoji Quiz Level 52 : INSOMNIA – Emoji No symbol and Sleeping face
Emoji Quiz Level 53 : JAPAN – Emoji Rice, Meat, Man Woman, Kimono and Sake
Emoji Quiz Level 54 : AURORA BOREALIS – Emoji Santa Claus, Night and Rainbow
Emoji Quiz Level 55 : PLANET OF THE APES – Emoji World Globe, Monkey, Monkey and Monkey
Emoji Quiz Level 56 : HULK – Emoji Man, Angry face, Arm and Green Ball
Emoji Quiz Level 57 : TOUR DE FRANCE – Emoji Ride a Bicycle, Bicycle and France flag
Emoji Quiz Level 58 : THE LAUGHING COW – Emoji Cow and Smiley face
Emoji Quiz Level 59 : MILKA – Emoji Chocolate, Cow and Purple ball
Emoji Quiz Level 60 : DODGE – Emoji Blue Car and Sheep

even though the emoji pics are random, you can find the emoji quiz answers here by searching the explanation of each emoji picture combination description.

emoji puzzle :

  • emoji quiz car sheep