Emoji Quiz Movies Level 31 – 40 Answers

By | December 3, 2015

Solution for Emoji Quiz Movies Level 31 – 40 Answers Solutions Guide to solve the emoji puzzle picture by typing the correct word from the list of scrambled letters. To remove a letter, simply tap on the letter or the reset button. Use your coins to buy reveal hints and remove incorrect letters !

Emoji Quiz – guess the emoji keyboard word puzzles by Mediaflex Games for Free on iphone and android

Emoji Quiz Movies Cheats
Level 31 : emoji mic and rain umbrella = SINGING IN THE RAIN
Level 32 : emoji old woman and old man = GRANDPARENTS
Level 33 : emoji mouse and car = STUART LITTLE
Level 34 : emoji mouth lips and air smoke = BLOW
Level 35 : emoji pine tree and bee = GREEN HORNET
Level 36 : emoji dolphin and book = DOLPHIN TALL
Level 37 : emoji smile face and shoe = HAPPY FEET
Level 38 : emoji devil dress heels shoe = DEVIL WEARS PARDA
Level 39 : emoji alarm clock wrench orange = CLOCKWORK ORANGE
Level 40 : emoji car and mustache man = TAXI DRIVER

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