EmojiNation Level 15 Answers

By | September 15, 2014

EmojiNation Level 15 Answers with emoji picture explanation to guide you solve and pass what the mean of emoji word puzzle for every level then unlock the next stage !
EmojiNation app game by CloudTeam on android and iphone device

emojination level 15 cheats :
EmojiNation Level 15-1 : emoji lady dancing, loudspeaker, car – seat dance
EmojiNation Level 15-2 : emoji dog, sleepy smiley – cat nap
EmojiNation Level 15-3 : emoji thumbs up, violin – fit as a fiddle
EmojiNation Level 15-4 : emoji fist, target, bag – hit the sack
EmojiNation Level 15-5 : emoji eyes, door, door – eyelid
EmojiNation Level 15-6 : emoji candy, grapes, banana, pineapple – sweetmeat
EmojiNation Level 15-7 : emoji ship, old guy – forehead
EmojiNation Level 15-8 : emoji boy, lightning, glasses – harry potter
EmojiNation Level 15-9 : emoji city skyline, ghost – ghost town
EmojiNation Level 15-10 : emoji open palms, couple – give a hand

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emoji puzzle :

  • eyes door door emoji