EmojiNation Level 20 Answers

By | September 20, 2014

EmojiNation Level 20 Answers with emoji picture explanation to guide you solve and pass what the mean of emoji word puzzle for 3 special quest emoji then unlock the next stage !
EmojiNation app game by CloudTeam on android and iphone device

emojination level 20 cheats :
EmojiNation Level 20-1 : emoji the word back, earth – background
EmojiNation Level 20-2 : emoji russian flag, 2 girls, gift – russian doll present
EmojiNation Level 20-3 : emoji car, horse, knife and fork – carhop

Explore the world of emojination along with millions of players and solve hundreds of fantabulous emoji puzzles ! The funniest and smartest puzzle to play on your phone !
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emoji puzzle :

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