EmojiNation Level 33 Answers

By | January 31, 2015

EmojiNation Level 33 Answers with emoji picture explanation to guide you solve and pass what the mean of emoji word puzzle for every level then unlock the next stage !
EmojiNation app game by CloudTeam on android and iphone device

emojination level 33 cheats :
EmojiNation Level 33-1 : emoji clock, bomb – time bomb
EmojiNation Level 33-2 : emoji music notes, video camera – music video
EmojiNation Level 33-3 : emoji beer, shocked smiley, sad smiley – hangover
EmojiNation Level 33-4 : emoji monitor, thumbs up – like
EmojiNation Level 33-5 : emoji sun and mountain, guy cycling – mountain bike
EmojiNation Level 33-6 : emoji the number six, eyes, ear – sixth sense
EmojiNation Level 33-7 : emoji wine, spaghetti, food – wine adn dine
EmojiNation Level 33-8 : emoji soccer ball, hands held high – goalkeeper
EmojiNation Level 33-9 : emoji thumbs up, perfect sign – of course
EmojiNation Level 33-10 : emoji cloud and sun, lightning, rain on umbrella, snowflake – weather forecast

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