EmojiNation Level 35 Answers

By | May 21, 2016

EmojiNation Level 35 Answers with emoji picture explanation to guide you solve and pass what the mean of emoji word puzzle for every level then unlock the next stage !
EmojiNation app game by CloudTeam on android and iphone device

emojination level 35 cheats :
EmojiNation Level 35-1 : emoji man, mutton, mountain – caveman
EmojiNation Level 35-2 : emoji footprints, perfect sign – take steps
EmojiNation Level 35-3 : emoji speech bubble, bird – talk turkey
EmojiNation Level 35-4 : emoji apple, broken herat symbol – apple of discord
EmojiNation Level 35-5 : emoji french flag, guy running – french leave
EmojiNation Level 35-6 : emoji house, the word back – courtyard
EmojiNation Level 35-7 : emoji lips, wind, closed palm – take breath away
EmojiNation Level 35-8 : emoji flame, clock at midnight, petrol bunk – burn the midnight oil
EmojiNation Level 35-9 : emoji music note, ear buds, music notes – music
EmojiNation Level 35-10 : emoji grapes, wine – wine

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