Emojis Animated Answers Level 121 – 130

By | March 31, 2014

Emojis Animated Answers Level 121 – 130 Guess the emoji picture words walkthrough from the combination of several emoticons into 1 words. An app game on iphone, ipod and ipad that you can download and play using ituens By Emoji+ or Emoji Apps LLC also known as Emoji Words cheats.
Can you guess the words the Emojis stand for ? Emojis Animated 2 – New Free Emoji Icons & Emoticons Art Keyboard Game

Emojis Animated Level 121 : Emoji Yellow face angel, Devil – Angels and Demons
Emojis Animated Level 122 : Emoji Lady in red dress dancing, Hand pointing down, Right Arrow, Fire – Drop It Like It’s Hot
Emojis Animated Level 123 : Emoji Bikni dress, three dashes – Bikni Lines
Emojis Animated Level 124 : Emoji Sun, Angel, Video Camera – Los Angeles
Emojis Animated Level 125 : Emoji Money Bag, Watch – Rolex

Emojis Animated Level 126 : Emoji Disable, Eyes, gift box, Horse, Lips – Gift Horse In the Mouth
Emojis Animated Level 127 : Emoji Blue ball, Man, two people – Blue Man Group
Emojis Animated Level 128 : Emoji Two man in blue and orange color, night life, Right arrow – Guess Night Out
Emojis Animated Level 129 : Emoji Disable sign, Soup, 4, Hand pointing to right – No Soup For You
Emojis Animated Level 130 : Emoji Man angry, Man laughing – Mad Man