Emojis Animated Answers Level 131 – 140

By | June 4, 2016

Emojis Animated Answers Level 131 – 140 Guess the emoji picture words walkthrough from the combination of several emoticons into 1 words. An app game on iphone, ipod and ipad that you can download and play using ituens By Emoji+ or Emoji Apps LLC also known as Emoji Words cheats.

Can you guess the words the Emojis stand for ? Emojis Animated 2 – New Free Emoji Icons & Emoticons Art Keyboard Game

Emojis Animated Level 131 : Emoji Stars, Out sign, Diamond – Shine Like A Diamond
Emojis Animated Level 132 : Emoji Hand showing stop sign, three horses – Hold Your Horses
Emojis Animated Level 133 : Emoji Tomato, Lady in red dress dancing – Salsa
Emojis Animated Level 134 : Emoji Lady, Lipstick, Outsign, Pink purse – Pretty In Pink
Emojis Animated Level 135 : Emoji Tennis ball, Eyes – Eye On the Ball

Emojis Animated Level 136 : Emoji Plums, Grapes + Brinjal Corn – Fruits and Vegetables
Emojis Animated Level 137 : Emoji Banana, Milk bottle, Hand – Banana Milkshake
Emojis Animated Level 138 : Emoji Telephone, Yellow man with heart in eyes, two question marks – Call Me Maybe
Emojis Animated Level 139 : Emoji Stars, Money, Tea/ Coffee cup – Starbucks
Emojis Animated Level 140 : Emoji Mushroom, Flag, Man, Green Dragon, Queen – Super Mario

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