Guess the 90s Level 47 Answers

Guess the 90s Level 47 Answers Puzzle Quiz cheats Facebook, iphone and android game by Random Logic Games or Conversion LLC. Test your knowledge at solving picture puzzles from 1990′s with a lot of different category : music, tv shows, athlete, movies, video games and many others !
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Guess the 90′s Level 47 Answers
picture 1 Guess the 90s Music 8 letters : Everlast
picture 2 Guess the 90s Music 5 letters : Usher
picture 3 Guess the 90s TV Shows 11 letters : The Practice (2 words)
picture 4 Guess the 90s Music 3 letters : STP
picture 5 Guess the 90s Music 8 letters : Lisa Loeb (2 words)


picture 6 Guess the 90s Music 10 letters : Erykah Badu (2 words)
picture 7 Guess the 90s Athlete 11 letters : Frank Thomas (2 words)
picture 8 Guess the 90s Movies 17 letters : Silence of the Lambs (4 words)
picture 9 Guess the 90s Music 7 letters : Extreme
picture 10 Guess the 90s Video Games 5 letters nokia : Snake