I Love Pop Culture Answers Level 71 – 80

By | March 10, 2014

I Love Pop Culture Answers Level 71 – 80 Clue iphone and android app game FreshGames LLC to solve two word puzzles the top area shows the category from Music, Movies, TV, Phrases, Games & Brands but the puzzle category is hidden, you can reveal it using a hint ! Earn FREE COINS to unlock 3 different types of hints
solve fast and earn more coins ! you can beat the fastest time and share them on facebook or twitter ! can you guess them all ? pop culture puzzlin’ fun

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level 71 I Love Pop Culture break glass and night pumpkins 16 letters : Smashing Pumpkin
level 72 I Love Pop Culture man tongue and shoelace knot 10 letters : Tongue Tied
level 73 I Love Pop Culture paper shredder and wheat field 13 letters : Shredded Wheat
level 74 I Love Pop Culture $0 tag price and apple fall 8 letters : Free Fall
level 75 I Love Pop Culture crispy bacon and meatball cream sauce 11 letters : Krispy Kreme


level 76 I Love Pop Culture razor knife and table cloth 11 letters : Blade Runner
level 77 I Love Pop Culture scale weight and dog 10 letters : Pound puppy
level 78 I Love Pop Culture coin and bowling 9 letters : Penny Lane
level 79 I Love Pop Culture power plant and forest ranger 12 letters : Power Rangers
level 80 I Love Pop Culture pulling rope knot and fake teeth toy 12 letters : Pulling Teeth

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