Jelly Plane Code Cheats

By | August 29, 2015

If you’re looking for the Flappy Bird kind of game on app store for your ios device (iphone, ipod, ipad), then you should try jelly plane by Bake More Cake Maker Inc.

Fly through the sky and avoid jelly towers in this ridiculously challenging game.

The gameplay is like flappy bird only this time you need to press your screen in order to move the plane through the jelly towers block that can make your plane crash. When you unlock some achievement in game center then you can unlock some code to make jelly plane game more fun to play.

If you want to jelly plane highscore cheat then you should enter WARPSPEED code !

enjoy these jelly plane cheat codes :
INEEDPRACTICE : easy mode, score doesn’t count
GIVEMEAPILOT : pilot enabled = you can see pilot the the plane
BEDTIME : good night = dark background
BIGBABYJ : bigger is better = big plane
LETSDANCE : dance party = add soundtrack and blinking colors of jelly towers
SKITTLES : woah, double rainbow!! = rainbow smoke
INVERT : inverted = upside down gameplay
HELLMODE : hellmode on, fool = red sky
WARPSPEED : no, you’re not accomplishing anything here = fast speed with jelly towers on top and bottom

enter these code on bottom area before you start tap the plane to play the game, and if you want to change the code just go to main menu and restart game.

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