EmojiNation Level 11 Answers

By | February 17, 2019

EmojiNation Level 11 Answers with emoji picture explanation to guide you solve and pass what the mean of emoji word puzzle for every level then unlock the next stage !
EmojiNation app game by CloudTeam on android and iphone device

emojination level 11 cheats :
EmojiNation Level 11-1 : emoji thumbs up, bicep, boy – superhero
EmojiNation Level 11-2 : emoji sick smiley, tongue – hold tongue
EmojiNation Level 11-3 : emoji arrow pointing down, cloud and sun – under the weather
EmojiNation Level 11-4 : emoji girl showing incorrect sign, alarm clock – false alarm
EmojiNation Level 11-5 : emoji horizontal line, boy – boldface
EmojiNation Level 11-6 : emoji exchange sign, leaves falling – turn over a new leaf
EmojiNation Level 11-7 : emoji– eyes, papers – eyesight
EmojiNation Level 11-8 : emoji lemon, bag with dollar sign – buy a lemon
EmojiNation Level 11-9 : emoji arrow pointing right, heart symbol – by heart
EmojiNation Level 11-10 : emoji wind, hourglass – airtime

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